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    Recent Move

    About two weeks ago, we moved from the place we lived in for 8 years into a new place. As much as we loved the neighbours and all, we needed more space and needed a changed. We outgrew that place. It isn’t something I’ve mentioned on this blog before now, so don’t worry if you’re surprised by this news. We started packing in April, so that we wouldn’t have to do as much at the last minute. This definitely did help, as it made things easier. We could do a little bit over a long period of time. As someone with ADHD, this definitely made things a little easier. Things…

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    Why am I feeling overwhelmed?

    Everyone does feel overwhelmed sometimes. I would imagine that it does happen to most people. However, when you have ADHD/ADD, it’s another story. When you have ADHD/ADD, it can be fairly easy to feel overwhelmed. We feel overwhelmed so much more often than the average person. Whether you’re handling small, day-to-day activities, or a major project at work or school, it can be easy to feel defeated and overwhelmed. ADHDers/ADDers will tend to feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. It can sometimes hard to handle for us. I know that there are definitely a few times when I have felt overwhelmed. … Alright maybe more than just a few times.…