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    Summer Break

    The end of July is approaching. Only a few more days until it’s an entirely new month. At this point, kids have been on summer break for a good month. Mine have been for a little over a month. For others, it might be a little more or a little less. During the summer, things are a little different. Kids are playing outside more. Adults are enjoying the outdoors as well. Families are going on vacation. Our routines aren’t quite the same as when kids are in school. I’m sure that this can be the case for those without kids as well.

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    Mom Guilt

    At one point or another, many moms out there will feel some degree of mom guilt. I’m sure it happens to a lot of us, if not all of us moms. Here’s the thing. When you have ADHD, mom guilt takes on a whole new level. And I’ll explain why I think this is. As a mom, we have to schedule all the different activities, make sure that the family gets to where they’re supposed to be on time, being able to manage our emotions during difficult/stressful/challenging times and situations, being able to clean and organize, just to name a few things. And these are all things that individuals with…

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    In Honour of the Moms with ADHD

    Being a mom isn’t always easy and has its own set of challenges. We all struggle with something. I doubt there’s a mom in the world that hasn’t or doesn’t struggled with something. Being a mom with ADHD has some extra set of challenges, on top of all the ones that being a mom can bring. Not only do we struggle with similar things as neurotypical moms, but because our brains are wired differently, some of these challenges make it a little more challenging that we may like them to be. Some days are easier than others, but some days are just downright HARD. Some days, it can be so…

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    Self care

    Time for Myself

    As I mentioned in my post last week, I took some time away from certain things, such as this blog, for a few days. Life got busy, it took a lot out of me, and I need to take some time for myself. Realizing that I needed to rest, slow down a little for both myself and my family. However, there was a time when I couldn’t admit that I needed to rest, or take time for myself, or do anything for myself. Whether to myself or others, it wasn’t something that I could do. I felt that I would be a bit selfish, if I did. I couldn’t bring…

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    Time Away

    It’s been a little while since I’ve had a post published. It’s been since the beginning of March. It’s been a good two weeks since my last post. I had some posts that I wanted to write, schedule and such. I wanted to spend time working on this blog. There were things that I wanted to do. Spending time away wasn’t something that I intended to do. It wasn’t in my plans. However, life got busy. My three kids had the first week of March off. That week was crazy busy. My girls were able to see some friends. Two of them also had a dentist appointment. Then there were…

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    Return to school and routine

    A few weeks ago, my girls started school and my little guy went to school and started kindergarten. This is their third week at school. My girls had to get used to going to school again. My little guy had getting used to being at school all together. I had to get into the routine of making lunches, taking to the bus, pick ups from the bus, and everything that comes with having kids at school. On top of that there are the concerns involved with this COVID going on. Making sure my kids have masks and wear them at school, when needed. Wearing masks at the bus. Making sure…

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    I am a mom with ADHD

    Being a mom is not always easy. For anyone. No matter what your situation is, I am sure that every mom will have challenges of their own. I may not be able to speak for all moms. As each family and each mother is different. My experiences are different from other moms that are out there. Different from the other moms that I know. For me, motherhood has had its fair share of challenges. Having ADHD, on top of that, has added its own set of challenges. I am really disorganized. I sometimes have a difficult time finding my kids’ library books. I have a difficult time focusing on tasks.…

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    An ADHD Mom

    Being a mom isn’t easy. There’s a lot to do. A lot to remember. No matter how many kids you have, there are challenges, ups and downs, and a whole lot of other things involved. It is exhausting. It really is. I know I have found myself exhausted more days than not. Yes, it is worth it, but it doesn’t mean that I always enjoy it. Having ADHD hasn’t always helped. It has brought a different set of challenges. A set of challenges that may differ from other moms, who don’t have ADHD. I’m not saying worse or better or anything like that. I’m just saying that it’s different. I’ll…

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    Moms with ADHD/ADD

    Being a parent isn’t easy. It’s really hard work. I’m sure that those of you reading this, who are parents, may agree. At least, the parents I know probably would. Don’t get me wrong is extremely rewarding, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with its own challenges and difficulties. Now, although I can’t talk about what it’s like to be a dad or the challenges dads face or anything, I can talk about being a mom. I can talk about being a mom and my experiences as such. I do have a little more experience with it and have a little more knowledge. So, I’ll stick with that.…