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    Learning disabilities

    Struggles with reading

    Today’s post is the first of a series of posts I want to do about learning disabilities, as many people are diagnosed with them. Some are diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability, while others with just one of them. The first learning disability I want to discuss is dyslexia. So, what is dyslexia? Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects and involves reading. Those who have dyslexia have a difficult time connecting letters with sounds, read at a slower pace, and struggle with understanding what they are reading. Dyslexia is a common disorder and doesn’t have anything to do with intelligence. Who and how does affect people? It affects…


    Different way of learning

    It can be easy to see ADHD or any learning disability as just that. As a disability. As something that can make it a challenge to learn, or do things, or read, or whatever else related to it. As something that is bad, or negative, or something that isn’t good. And yes, to some extent, it does make things challenging. Some days, ADHD can make things more difficult and challenging than others. There are times when it seems and feels like ADHD isn’t the best thing. And I’m sure it may be similar with those with learning disabilities. However, I don’t see it as merely a disability. Or a negative…

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    Learning about my ADHD

    No matter what, I feel as though learning is important. Whether you’re in school or not, there’s always something that you can learn. As someone with ADHD, this is a topic that I have been learning more about over the last few years. I’m often on the hunt for articles about the topic, blogs/websites, books at my local library, and such. I’ve also discovered several podcasts about ADHD. Podcasts that I enjoy and have helped me learn about it, how to manage it and such. I’ll be honest I never thought I’d be interested in listening to podcasts. I didn’t think it was my thing. But then about a year…