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LD: Dyspraxia

Another type of learning disability is dyspraxia, which is the topic for today’s post. This is one that I wasn’t familiar with prior to doing…

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Another type of learning disability is dyscalculia. Much like dyslexia, I have written a post on dyscalculia, in 2021. However, much like with my recent…

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The learning disability I want to discuss in this post is dysgraphia. It is a learning disability that I hadn’t heard before I started looking…

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One type of learning disabilities and the first I will discuss is dyslexia. It is a topic that I have discussed in a previous post,…

Issue with Math

Let’s face it, not everyone likes math. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. For the most part, a lot of it isn’t too difficult.…

Too many distractions

Anyone can get distracted sometimes. Many would say that this is normal, and that most, if not everyone, can get distracted by one thing or…

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