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    Recent Move

    About two weeks ago, we moved from the place we lived in for 8 years into a new place. As much as we loved the neighbours and all, we needed more space and needed a changed. We outgrew that place. It isn’t something I’ve mentioned on this blog before now, so don’t worry if you’re surprised by this news. We started packing in April, so that we wouldn’t have to do as much at the last minute. This definitely did help, as it made things easier. We could do a little bit over a long period of time. As someone with ADHD, this definitely made things a little easier. Things…

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    When your partner/spouse doesn’t have ADHD

    Relationships can be difficult and every couple have their own set of problems. Sure, most, if not all, have their share of good times, but it’s not always easy. When one partner has ADHD while the other is neurotypical, the challenges within the couple may be quite different from those where both are neurotypical. Not necessarily worse or better. Just different. As many of you know, I have ADHD. My husband, on the other, is neurotypical. We have had our share of happy times. But there have been a lot of struggle and we’ve both talked about it. Recently we were apart of a 3-day workshop for couples where one…

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    Another year older

    Today is not only Earth Day, but also my birthday. Yes I was born on Earth Day. Time to celebrate being one year older, turning 33, and surviving another year. Especially surviving another year in a pandemic. It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by and I’m another year older. My parents probably feel this even more so, and I get it. Being a parent now, I can totally understand how they feel. I was talking to my dad close to my son and sister’s birthday in February and I could totally hear it in his voice. It’s hard to explain, but I’m sure many of you will…

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    2021 is finally here

    Happy New Year, everyone! 2021 is here. Some may even say “Finally!” And it’s hard for me to disagree or argue with that. I am pretty happy that it’s here. No what the last year has brought, a new year is like a fresh start, a clean slate, a blank page. I can’t help but see it in a positive way. I know that no one knows what this year will bring. Just like no one expected what happened last year. Similar things can happen this year as well. It’s something that is in the back of our minds. Something we might be concerned about. And it’s true that 2021…

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    2020 is coming to an end

    In just a few days, 2020 will be behind us, and we’ll welcoming a whole new year. Ringing in a new year is often welcomed by many, no matter what year. But I imagine this year, 2021 is welcomed even more so. The world has seen many challenges this year. I don’t need to mention what they are. We all know about them. I don’t want to go there. None of us need reminding. I also don’t want to focus on that, and I’m sure you may not want to either. Around this time of year, I tend to reflect on the year, what’s happened in my life or around…

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    October has been a good month

    So, October is coming to an end. Another month has come and gone. It’s hard to believe that October is over, Halloween is here, and time just goes by so quickly. I do have to say that October is one of my favourite month, because of Halloween and I love seeing the leaves changing colours.

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    Learning about my ADHD

    No matter what, I feel as though learning is important. Whether you’re in school or not, there’s always something that you can learn. As someone with ADHD, this is a topic that I have been learning more about over the last few years. I’m often on the hunt for articles about the topic, blogs/websites, books at my local library, and such. I’ve also discovered several podcasts about ADHD. Podcasts that I enjoy and have helped me learn about it, how to manage it and such. I’ll be honest I never thought I’d be interested in listening to podcasts. I didn’t think it was my thing. But then about a year…

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    Odd Times for All

    It’s hard to believe that we’re already half way through the year. Time has flown by quickly and there have been a lot of events that have happened this year so far. The fires in Australia, COVID-19 around the world, and the Black Lives Matters movement. One way or another, I feel that one or more of these events has affected us. Some have been more than others and more seriously. Let’s take COVID-19. It has spread all over the world. Each country has its own restrictions depending on the severity. Although no one in my family has tested positive for COVID-19, my family and I have been affected. My…

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    Early Diagnosis

    As some of you may know, I was diagnosed at age 12. I got diagnosed fairly early. Earlier than others have been. As I have been learning more about ADHD, and trying to find out about other’s experience with ADHD, I have found out that there are a lot of individuals who have been diagnosed with ADHD a lot later in life than I did. In some cases, individuals were diagnosed in their 20s, 30s, or 40s. Keeping this in mind, I feel that I have been diagnosed early. At least, I consider it this way. Despite all the struggles that I have been through, and still go through, I…

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    Seeing the positive in myself

    No matter who you are, you probably have heard some negative criticism at some point in your life. If you have ADHD, it seems like those negative comments/criticisms outweigh all the good stuff. I know that it seems like I’ve heard them so much. I’ve heard so much of it that it seems that I now have a harder time hearing the good things. I often expect the bad, and I have a difficult time seeing the good in me and hearing the good that others have to say. It sure hasn’t helped my self-esteem much. Recently I began changing things a bit. A few weeks ago, my husband said…