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    Blogs and Websites about ADHD

    In my last post, I wrote about some podcasts about ADHD that I enjoy listening to. Now, I want to share some of the blogs and websites that I like. As someone who enjoys reading, I can’t help but want to read blogs and websites. So without further ado, here are some blogs and websites about ADHD that I enjoy and find useful. Additude Magazine Additude Magazine is dedicated to ADHD. There are a variety of articles discussing how ADHD can affect our day to day lives. There are articles directed towards those who have ADHD and parents who have kids with ADHD. The website also has articles written by…

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    Podcasts about ADHD

    In the last year or two, I’ve really gotten into listening to podcasts. I listen to podcasts when I go for a walk with my dog, or when I’m doing some cleaning, just to name two. Some of the podcasts I listen to and enjoy are about ADHD. So here are some that I listen to and absolutely love! #1: Motherhood in ADHD. Patricia Sung is a mother of 2 and has ADHD. She shares tips and information for moms with ADHD and struggle with day-to-day tasks. She shares some of her experience as a mom and woman with a neuro-developmental disorder. I really enjoy this podcast. As a mom…

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    Invest in Yourself

    Life can be a challenge, to say the very least. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the good in it. Or even see the good in you and your life. No matter you are, things can feel this way. Especially when your flaws and struggles are always being pointed out, focused on, and such. However life doesn’t always have to be like this. There are definitely ways to change how you view yourself, your life, your situation and anything else going on in your life. And, in my opinion, it pretty much comes down to this: invest in yourself. Yes, that’s right. Invest in yourself. Now, this can mean…

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    The Comparison Trap

    Comparing ourselves to others can be easy to do. Especially with social media around. It’s something that many have done at some point in their lives. It’s something that I’m guilty of. I admit that I’ve fallen into the comparison trap. Definitely not the best feeling or thoughts I want to have or anything like that. I’m sure it’s not a pleasant situation for anyone. There are so many things that we compare. It could be relate to money, or parenting, or social situation, or pretty much anything in life. As a kid in elementary school, before I knew I had ADHD, I would compare myself to other kids. I…

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    Being Kinder on Myself

    Over the last few months, I’ve really come to realize how important it is for me to take care of myself and make time for myself. While I’m taking time for myself, I’ve become more aware of my thoughts, what I’m telling myself, and such. Not all of which is positive. I was realizing that I could be hard on myself. I still held high standards for myself. The self talk going through my mind wasn’t always positive, and it was at least partially due to what I thought I should be doing, the amount of things I should be doing, and such. Needless to say, I wasn’t like it…