Social Struggles

    As humans, we’re social beings. At one point the large majority of humans, I would imagine, feel the need to interact with others. It’s just part of life for as us as humans. However, in some cases, some people struggle with social interaction for various reasons. Social interaction is something that kids and adults with ADHD do struggle with. Individuals with ADHD struggle making friends and interacting with peers from an early age. It’s not to difficult to understand why this is the case. Kids and adults with ADHD struggle with impulse control, picking up social cues, easily get distracted or bored during conversations, going off topic, becoming overwhelmed and…

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    Focusing on the wrong thing

    When it comes to ADHD, it is so easy to focus on the negative, the challenges, and the struggles of having this type of brain. It’s something that I have been guilty of doing. I’m sure I’m not the only one with ADHD who has focused on the negative side of this disorder. It can be so easy to forget about the good aspects of having ADHD. The positives can be overshadowed by all the struggles that comes with ADHD. Since starting this blog, learning more about ADHD, reading about it, and listening to podcasts about ADHD, I’ve been learning about the good things about this condition, becoming more aware…

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    Getting the right diagnosis

    Getting the right diagnosis isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Symptoms of ADHD often overlap with other conditions. This is why finding the right diagnosis makes things challenging. ADHD shares similarities with conditions such as bipolar disorder, autism, sensory disorder, anxiety, depression, just to name a few. For this reason, people may be diagnosed with another condition when in fact they have ADHD, or vice versa. Same symptom, different conditions. One common symptom of ADHD is mood swings. Kids and adults with ADHD are very passionate and our moods can change dramatically. However, these mood swings are more commonly associated with bipolar disorder. Those suffering from bipolar shift…

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    Comorbid Condition

    In this post, I’m going to talk about something that may not be common knowledge. Something that we may not really think about or be aware of. The topic is ADHD and comorbidity. By that, I mean ADHD and another condition. Not many know that many with ADHD also have another condition, such as another learning disability, or depression, or anxiety, for instance. There are several other conditions that individuals may also experience on top of ADHD. More than half of kids and adults with ADHD suffer with another condition. ADHD is not always a stand alone condition, like it may be thought. It is important to remember that these…


    Yes, Focus is Possible

    One common and well-known trait of ADHD is distractibility. I know everyone has some difficulty with it, but as an ADHDer, it’s a constant battle. So many easily associate distractibility with ADHD. However, one thing that many may not be aware of is that ADHDers can also focus. Yes, you read that right. Kids and adults with ADHD have the ability to focus and be easily distracted. I understand that this may confusing, but this is the case for those of us with ADHD. The key thing about this is that we can easily focus on the things that we find interesting. Once we start doing something that we’re enjoying,…

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    The Curious Side of ADHD

    As it’s easy to focus on the negative side of ADHD, we tend to forget the good that having ADHD can bring to our lives. There are definitely some positive aspects to having this neurodiverse brain. Being curious is one strength and positive trait to having ADHD. Sure, you can be curious and not have ADHD, but it seems as though many with ADHD are quite curious and inquisitive. It is a common trait among the ADHD community. Being curious and inquisitive is really all about wanting to learn more about a topic that is interesting to the person in question. It could be about so many different things. The…

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    Today is my second daughter’s birthday. She is now 8 years old. She is my second of three kids. My other two kids are 9 1/2 and 6. Usually around each of their birthdays, I get a little emotional (like most parents, I imagine), and I also reflect. I get emotional and reflect on so many different things. As a mom and as a parent, it’s easy for me to reflect on how far they’ve come, how much they’ve grown, and how they’ve changed. It’s something that I think of quite often. It’s especially easy to do, when it’s their birthdays. It can be so easy to get a little…

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    Smaller Tasks

    Completing tasks can be a challenge for many people. For kids and adults with ADHD, this can be extra challenging. Because our brain functions a little differently, we struggle with being able to plan, manage the time to do it, and such. Especially when those tasks are fairly big. Or seem big, to those of us with ADHD. However, there are definitely ways that we can complete tasks, even when we feel overwhelmed or the task seems huge. Tip #1: breaking things down Focusing on smaller tasks can definitely help be helpful. It does make it easier to get the task done and not make it seem impossible and overwhelm…

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    Learning disabilities

    Struggles with reading

    Today’s post is the first of a series of posts I want to do about learning disabilities, as many people are diagnosed with them. Some are diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability, while others with just one of them. The first learning disability I want to discuss is dyslexia. So, what is dyslexia? Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects and involves reading. Those who have dyslexia have a difficult time connecting letters with sounds, read at a slower pace, and struggle with understanding what they are reading. Dyslexia is a common disorder and doesn’t have anything to do with intelligence. Who and how does affect people? It affects…

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    ADHD and being overwhelmed

    When it comes to ADHD, there are some things that people know and other things that aren’t so obvious. For instance, being easily distracted is commonly known. Or that some people with ADHD have Hyperactivity. These are some things that people are aware of, when it comes to ADHD. However, there are things that people may not be aware of. When you have ADHD, it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by almost everything. Okay, now I know everyone gets overwhelmed. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks and challenges in life. No matter what, no matter who you are, we’ve probably all felt this. However, because our…