Introduction to Theme of May ’23

Happy second day of May!

As a new month is here, it is time to leave one topic behind, and focus on a new topic for the month of May.

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Reflection on Last Month

Last month’s focus was more on various physical health issues in ADHDers’ lives. Some topics include benefits of exercise for those with ADHD and how menopause can make ADHD symptoms worse. 

There are certainly aspects of ADHD that can impact our physical health. Not to mention some things that we can do to improve our physical well being.

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Moving onto a New Topic

Since that was the focus last month, it seemed like a good focus for the month of May would be emotions and emotional well-being among those with ADHD. 

One part of ADHD that not everyone may know about is how it can affect our emotions, or how ADHD can lead to certain emotions, for instance. It’s not as commonly known as the impulsivity of ADHD, for instance.

So that’s what I will focus on this month. It seemed like a good time to focus on this, considering last month’s focus was physical health and well-being.

Let’s dive into the emotional side of ADHD.

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