Positive of ADHD: Final Thoughts

Another month is coming to an end. And time to wrap up the topic of the positive aspects and traits that comes with having ADHD. 

However, instead of covering one last positive aspect, I would like to conclude this topic with some of my own thoughts on it.

Thoughts on ADHD Strengths

Over the last few weeks, I have covered several strengths and positive traits that can come with having ADHD. Although I wasn’t able to cover them all, my hope was to discuss as many as possible.

I do want to mention that not everyone with ADHD will have all of these traits. At the end of the day, everyone is different and ADHD will affect everyone with it differently.

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Positive in Myself

Like many ADHDers, I imagine, I have had some difficulty with seeing some good and positive things in myself and/or with having ADHD. 

Since starting this blog, it has become easier, but I have had some days when it’s a bit more of a struggle. 

Focusing on the good and positive this month has helped remind me of the good within myself and of having ADHD. Sometimes, we do need a reminder of this sort of thing. 

Focusing More on Strengths

When it comes to ADHD, there is a lot of focus on the struggles and symptoms. It seems as though so much of research, studies, and medical fields focus on these aspects. There isn’t as much focus on the positive and the good of having ADHD. 

I think it may be time to change this. Time to not just see ADHD as a deficit or a bad thing or causing nothing but struggles. 

Time to change our view on ADHD.

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