ADHD Intuition

Another trait that many with ADHD mention is intuition. It is one that I somewhat remember hearing about, but not one that I was very familiar with.

So, it’s a good time to learn about it and share it with you.

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is a term many of us have heard before. However, it can be sometimes to describe or explain it.

In an article found on the Positive Psychology website, Dr Jeremy Sutton puts it this way: “Intuition is that feeling in your gut when you instinctively know that something you are doing is right or wrong. Or it’s that moment when you sense kindness, or fear, in another’s face. You don’t know why you feel this way; it’s just a hunch.”

Many of us have had that gut feeling or hunch, and have been unable to explain why we feel or think this.

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Intuitiveness in ADHDers

People with ADHD are often highly intuitive. Many with ADHD mention feeling very intuitive and easily pick up on things. They can easily pick up on what others may be feeling, for instance. 

It may not be something that those with ADHD may be aware they can do. And can perhaps do more easily than neurotypicals. However, having a keen intuition is quite common among people with ADHD.

Being so intuitive can lead ADHDers to be more empathetic, loving, and kind.

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Explanation Behind It

There is a reason why ADHDers tend to be more intuitive than neurotypicals. 

It comes down to how the ADHD brain is wired.

The ADHD brain tends to be overloaded with sensory input. ADHD also affects the executive functions (prioritizing, planning, etc.). The ADHD brain doesn’t filter information it’s receiving as well as the neurotypical brain. While the neurotypical brain filters all sensory information to a manageable level, the ADHD brain doesn’t filter or process it.

Ultimately, the ADHD brain notices everything. This leads to ADHDers being more likely to be intuitive. 

Final Thoughts

This is something I wasn’t familiar with. It was interesting to learn more about it, as well as read some of ADHDer’s experience. I enjoy learning something new.

It is helpful to understand how my brain works and realize that maybe I am a bit more intuitive that I thought, thanks to my ADHD brain. 

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