ADHD & Creativity

Another positive trait is creativity. This is a topic that I have written about before. However, it has been a while and it may be time to take another look at it. No better time considering the focus of this month.

So, let’s dive into it!

What Is Creativity?

First off, what is creativity? What does it mean to be creative?

According to, creativity is defined as “the ability to make or otherwise bring into existence something new, whether a solution to a problem, a new method or device, or a new artistic object or form.”

In her article for the LDRFA website, Zahavit Paz gives a good explanation for what creativity is and can be. She writes, 

“Being creative means being able to create original ideas to solve a problem. It means being able to use one’s imagination to bring new ideas to the world. Creativity is often associated with fine arts, but it is valuable in many areas of human endeavor: business, science, personal relations, cooking – just about anything that benefits from infusions of fresh thought from time to time.”

It makes sense that so many different areas would benefit from creativity. 

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Link between ADHD & Creativity

There is a fair amount of evidence that those with ADHD are very creative individuals. It seems that ADHDers are often more creative than neurotypicals Some of the symptoms and qualities of ADHD can play a role in fostering creativity and creative thinking. Those with ADHD tend to have an easier time making connections between things that others may miss and/or not see. 

While doing some research, I found some articles making mention of a study done on ADHD & creativity. The participants were college students. Some had ADHD, while others didn’t. Here are some things that were noted. 

  • One thing that was asked was how they preferred to approach problems. Those with ADHD were more likely to enjoy coming up with something new. While those without preferred going with an already existing idea.
  • Those with ADHD also seemed to perform better in some areas than their neurotypical peers. These subjects include arts, creative writing, science discovery, and architecture.

It has also been noticed that kids and adults with ADHD tend to think more outside of the box, and may have an easier time doing so. Due to the ADHD brain’s wiring, it can be easy for the mind to wander and come up with new ideas.

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Final Thoughts

It can be a challenge to focus on our creativity and other strengths when focus is more on the challenges of having ADHD.

Although we can’t change what others think, we can make some changes within ourselves. Recognize your creativity and any other strengths you have. Use them to your advantage.

There is nothing wrong with being yourself and letting your creativity shine.

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