What Is Self-Sabotage?

Many people in the world have goals, or things they would like to achieve and/or be able to do. It is normal for us to want to be able to travel more, or own a house, or get a promotion, just to name a few. 

However, as much as we may want to achieve and do things, sometimes there are things within us that prevent that.

What Is Self-Sabotage?

Let me start by explaining what self-sabotage is.

In her article for betterup.com, Allaya Cooks-Campbell explains that “self-sabotage is when people do (or don’t do) things that block their success or prevent them from accomplishing their goals.” 

People may not always be aware that they are self-sabotaging. It can be either conscious or unconscious. It’s not always easy to see that we’re doing it. 

Self-sabotage affects various areas and aspects of our lives. It affects both our personal and professional lives. It can also take a toll on our mental health as well. 

ADHD & Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotaging behaviour can affect so many people. Anyone can be self-sabotaging, whether they want to or not. After all, our brains want to keep us safe.

For those with ADHD, our brain’s wiring and our experiences may affect the way we may self-sabotage and may present itself differently. Life is full of obstacles, and ADHD can add an set of obstacles, which can make things even more challenging.

Reasons Why ADHDers May Self-Sabotage

There are so many different reasons that people may self-sabotage. They may differ from person to person.

Here are some reasons why some ADHDers may end up self-sabotaging.

  • Low self-esteem
  • Unfounded beliefs of being inadequate, not being good enough
  • Feeling “different” from their peers.
  • Fear of failure

The way our brain is wired can and does affect our experiences and our self-image. And not always in a good way. It’s certainly not difficult for many with ADHD to feel these things. It is far from uncommon.

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