New Month, New Year, New Topics

Let me just begin by saying happy New Year!! It’s hard to believe that we’re a few days into a new month and a new year. I feel as though last year went by rather quickly for me. 

Now that it’s a new month and a new year, it’s time to turn to discussing a few things with regards to this blog and a bit what to expect. So, let’s dive right in!!

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Continuation of Monthly Topics

Last year, I began do monthly topics. And each week I would discuss something that feel into or was related the theme of the month. For instance, in September, the topic of the month was learning disabilities, and each week I discussed different learning disabilities. 

For me, this worked well, as I had some guidelines to work with. It made it easier when it came time to figure out what to write about each week.

So, this year, I would like to continue doing just that. Having some fairly general monthly topic related to ADHD. Then, each week have a more focused topic related to the subject of the month.

My hope is to also discuss new topics this year. I would like to try and discuss things that I didn’t last year. 

This may or may not change, but for the moment, my plan and my goal for this year is to continue with this.

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So, What’s the Topic for January?

With that said, it’s time to discuss the focus for January.

The topic of this month is money, money management, financial struggles, and such. 

This is something that pretty much every adult has to deal with. Let’s face it, most, if not all, of us live in a world where we need to have money in order to survive. We can’t quite avoid money. Some are good with their money, while others struggle with managing their money. 

As this is a blog focused on ADHD, my focus (as you can probably guess) will primarily be about money and finances for those with ADHD. Those with ADHD seem to have different experiences with it than neurotypicals do, generally speaking. 

Hope you enjoy this series!!

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  • That seems like a good plan of attach. I’m excited to read about this new topic.

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