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We’re a few days into a new month. One of my favourites, and has been for a long time. I love seeing the leaves change colours. Halloween has always my favourite celebration. Just some things I love about October.

However, there is something else that takes place in October.

October is also ADHD Awareness Month.

What Is ADHD Awareness Month?

ADHD Awareness Month happens every October, and has the goal to education people about ADHD. It’s about spreading the right information about ADHD all based on science-based and peer-reviewed research. 

ADHD is still misunderstood by many and many have misconceptions about what this condition really is. By having October as ADHD awareness month, it becomes more possible to correct those misunderstanding and highlight the facts about what ADHD really is. 

It’s all about bringing awareness, providing reliable information, and breaking down some of the stigma attached to ADHD.

Focus for ADHD Awareness Month 2022

This year, according to the ADHD Awareness month website (, the focus and topic will be understanding the shared experience. Each week, they will focus on one of 4 areas of shared experience, which are ADHD evaluation, ADHD treatment, ADHD family, and ADHD adults.

My Focus

This month, what I’d like to focus on is combining bringing some awareness to ADHD, spreading some correct information, while also doing my best to incorporate experiences that many with ADHD go through. 

As much as every ADHDer is different and have different experiences, there are still some some similarities between certain things. Some symptoms, experiences, or challenges in common or very similar. 

Not entirely sure how it’ll go, but hopefully I do it justice. I do hope you all enjoy.

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