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There are quite a few things that ADHDers struggle with. If you’ve been reading my blog, or have ADHD, this is goes without saying. We are human beings and our struggles are mostly related to ADHD.

This month, I want to discuss a topic that I have written about before, although not recently and haven’t written much about. 

Executive (Dys)Function

One thing that many ADHDers struggle with is executive functions, or executive dysfunction, as it is sometimes called. ADHD and executive functions are closely linked, but aren’t necessarily one and the same. It just so happens that those with ADHD tend to struggle with executive functions. 

What Does It Mean?

So does executive function and executive dysfunction? What do these term mean?

Executive functions refer to the cognitive and mental abilities that help us plan, focus, remember instructions, staying organized, and just be able to get things done throughout the day. 

As you may have guessed, executive dysfunction is the opposite. Individuals with executive dysfunction struggle with planning, organizing, memory, time management, just to name a few. This may be the result of another disorder or brain injury. 

For those with ADHD, executive dysfunction may sound familiar. It is something that many with ADHD struggle with. 

Let’s Get to It

As it is something that ADHDers struggle with, I want to focus on this topic this month. This is a part of ADHD that can be helpful to understand. 

So this month, I will be posting a bit more, as there is quite a bit to discuss on this topic, and I’d like to cover as much as I can. What I don’t cover this month, I will definitely cover in the future. 

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  • Great post. I never heard of this before. I enjoy reading your content and learning new things.

    • Thanks so much for reading. I’m glad that you enjoy it and learn.

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