Trouble with Emotions?

Certain aspects of ADHD are fairly well understood and are common knowledge. For instance, many people know that inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity are symptoms of ADHD. These are some of the struggles we face.

However, there are other aspects of ADHD that aren’t as well known or understood. Some aren’t discussed as much as others.

One aspect that doesn’t seem to be discussed as much the emotional side. Those with ADHD may struggle with their emotions more so than many may think.

Much like everyone else on this planet, ADHDers have emotions. We feel happy, sad, angry, and so many different emotions. Just like everyone else. We are only human.

However, ADHDers don’t feel the same way. The way we feel our emotions looks different than it does with neurotypicals. Our experiences with them are different.

There are several aspects related to emotions that ADHDers experience and struggle with that neurotypicals don’t or may not. Most of it may be due to how our brains are wired and process information.

For instance, ADHDers usually tend to feel their emotions more intensely than many neurotypicals do. Also due to how our brain is wired and our life experiences, there are struggles that ADHDers experience, which neurotypicals may not.

Unfortunately, not as much attention is being paid to ADHD and emotions.

So, this month, this is what I’ll be focusing on. I will be covering several issues related to ADHD and emotions.

I know that I have written posts about this in the past, but I do feel that it’s important to discuss this topic. I do feel that we should be talking about the emotional challenges that ADHDers experience.

On that note, I hope you enjoy!

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