Some Final Thoughts

ADHD affects women and girls in various different ways. It also doesn’t look quite the same in women as it does in men.

For a long time, women with ADHD were often overlooked. This is mostly due to the fact that most still think of the hyperactive boys. This isn’t the case.

It is certainly time to bring more awareness to ADHD. Especially to women with ADHD. For a long time, studies focused more on boys and men with ADHD. Thankfully, over the last several years, more studies have come out focusing on women and girls with ADHD. This is a good start.

It is time even things out.

It is time for women with ADHD to be able to feel comfortable with themselves and take some space in the world.

We may not fit societal ‘norms’ but this does not mean that we are not worthy or less than.

So let’s bring to bring more awareness to girls and women with ADHD and include them into our societies.

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