Intro to ADHD in Women and Girls

With International Women’s Day coming up next week, on March 8, it seems a good time to focus on girls and women with ADHD.

When it comes to ADHD, it still seems to be misunderstand by many people in society. There are still so many misconceptions about it. All this is still going despite more and more research and information is coming out about ADHD.

One of the biggest issue is that many still think of the little hyperactive boy and think that ADHD only affect boys and men. Society seems to consider and focus more on the boys and men with ADHD. While girls and women with ADHD tend to be thought of or discussed. This also leads a lot of girls and women to not be diagnosed, or under diagnosed.

So, throughout the month of March, that’s exactly what I’ll be focusing on. Each post will focus on different topics that affect girls and women with ADHD.

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