How ADHD Can Affect Friendships

Much like in romantic relationships, ADHD can make it difficult for those with it to make friends and be able to maintain them. These struggles tend to begin in childhood and can continue to be a struggle as the person becomes an adult.

For those with ADHD who struggle socially, it pretty much all comes down to the fact that our brains are wired differently, which makes some tasks more challenging. There are times that kids with ADHD are as accepted by their peers, which can also make it difficult to learn social skills.

Here are some things that ADHD can make it challenging in social situations as well as making and keeping friends.

  • Focusing on the conversation
  • Difficulty picking up on social cues
  • Interrupting
  • Difficulty with staying in touch
  • Staying on topic during a conversation
  • May talk to much

These are things that we have difficulty with.

A lot of times, those with ADHD don’t feel like they really fit in, they feel rejected, and may not always feel good about themselves. Whether they do fit in or not, or are rejected or not, it may still be how they feel.

Those with ADHD don’t intentionally mean to interrupt, or get distracted during a conversation. Our brain is wired in a way that makes these things challenging. We struggle with executive functions.

However, as challenging as it can be, it is still possible for those with ADHD to make and keep friends. There are things that ADHDers can do to help them in social situations.

  • Become more aware of the things that may be counterproductive. Do you interrupt a lot? Is it difficult to stay focused on the conversation?
  • Decide whether you value the friendship.
  • Sometimes, asking them to repeat can be helpful.
  • Make plans that you can commit to and stick with.

It may be difficult for ADHDers to make and keep friends. It’s not always easy, but it’s not impossible. It just may take time and effort.

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