Intro to ADHD and Relationships

We’re now a few days into February. After focusing on goals throughout the month of January, I thought I’d continue with the same idea this month.

As Valentine’s day in not to far off, I felt that a good topic for the month of February would be relationships, whether it be romantic relationships, friendships, relationships in general. It seemed to be a good topic to discuss over the course of the month.

Relationships can be difficult and challenging no matter who you are. It’s not always easy to build and maintain those relationships. There’s always going to be some ups and downs, good days and bad days.

When ADHD is involved and at least one person has ADHD, a new set of challenges is involved. Challenges and struggles may look a little different from those who don’t have ADHD.

We don’t always realize how our ADHD can affect our relationships with others, whether it be our spouse/partners, our friends, our kids, co-workers, and anyone we interact with. It’s not a topic that we often think or talk about, when it comes to ADHD. However, ADHD does make it challenging for us and those we interact with and have some form of relationship with.

It can be difficult for those of us with ADHD to always be aware how it affects those close to us and our relationship with them. We know how ADHD affects those of us with the disorder, but how it affects our interpersonal relationships can be forgotten.

So, over the course of February, this is what I will be focusing on. How ADHD affects our relationship with friends, spouse/partners, and other people in our lives that we interact with.

Stay tune!

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  • Quite insightful look into things. I am sure there are many folk with ADHD and they manage to have flourishing relationships, despite the obvious challenges.

    • Thank you. There are definitely many with ADHD, and it is certainly possible to have a successful relationship.

  • Thanks for sharing the unique challenges ADHD and relationships can have; it’s always great to get a better understanding of something from someone else’s perspective. I look forward to reading more.

    • I’m glad to hear this. Thank you for your comment.

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