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In last week’s post, I talked about some reasons why people with ADHD may struggle with setting and achieving goals. It’s not the entire list of things that make it difficult for us to set and achieve goals, but it is a few examples and other articles can be found on the subject.

There are definitely quite a few things that are challenging for those with ADHD, when trying to set goals and achieving them.

However, there’s a reason why those things I mentioned in my last post are so difficult and challenging.

And it all has to do with executive functions. Or executive dysfunction, as some people refer to it.

Executive function is all the things your brain does to get things done. It’s been described as the internal conductor of an orchestra, making sure that everyone works together.

Executive function are what helps you plan, organize, prioritizing, motivation, just to name a few. All things that individuals with ADHD struggle with on a daily basis. More so than most neurotypicals do.

This is why we have such a hard time setting goals, being able to figure how we can achieve them, and being able to stick with those goals. It is one of the many things that is challenging, when our executive functions aren’t in top shape.

That being said, just because we struggle with setting goals and a lot of other things in life, it doesn’t mean that we can do them. It just means that we have to add them and make them work for us. We have to remember that our brains work differently. So we can’t always do it the way others do.

Keeping it short and sweet this week. Stay tune for what ADHDers can do to help them with their goals.

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