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Well, the holidays are over and we find ourselves in a new year. Around this time, many people will make resolutions and set goals for themselves for the new year. For many, setting these goals/resolutions and knowing what to do and how to get there isn’t too difficult, for the most part. Some goals are easier to achieve than others, depending on various factors. Either way, many may know exactly what goal(s) they are setting and can plan how they’ll achieve the goal(s).

However, when you have ADHD, it’s not so simple or as easy as all that. It can feel like an obstacle course. We may be able to visualize the end result, but have no idea how to get from A to Z. We have a difficult time being able to go from beginning to end.

As much as it is a challenge, it is possible for ADHDers to set goals and reach them. It may not always be easy, but it’s the most impossible thing to do. Much like a lot, we need to find ways that work for us rather than what works for others without ADHD.

Throughout the month of January, I will discuss different areas of goal settings for ADHDers. Hope you enjoy this goal setting series!


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