Executive functions

Executive functions play an important part in our lives. They are the ones in charge. Executive functions are the mental processes that help us plan ahead, organize, get things started, self control, focus on the task we’re currently doing, prioritizing, just to name a few things.

If you know about ADHD, you may realize that these are things that individuals with ADHD struggle with on a daily basis, all day.

Due to how our brain is wired and functions, executive functions are major struggles for those with ADHD. A lot more so compared to our neurotypical counterparts.

I do feel that we should be realistic with our standards of ourselves and take advantage of our strengths and what we do well. However, I also realize that being able to stay somewhat organized, for instance, can be beneficial.

There are several things to tackle when it comes to executive functions. And I don’t what this to turn into a novel. So I will discuss the different areas of executive functions in future posts.

Keep your eyes open!!

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