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In my last post, I wrote about some podcasts about ADHD that I enjoy listening to. Now, I want to share some of the blogs and websites that I like. As someone who enjoys reading, I can’t help but want to read blogs and websites.

So without further ado, here are some blogs and websites about ADHD that I enjoy and find useful.

Additude Magazine

Additude Magazine is dedicated to ADHD. There are a variety of articles discussing how ADHD can affect our day to day lives. There are articles directed towards those who have ADHD and parents who have kids with ADHD. The website also has articles written by guests bloggers that discuss their experiences.

Additude Magazine is so useful as there is so much information all in one spot. It’s a good place to look and start when wanting to learn about ADHD.

Healthy ADHD

Liz Lewis is a mom and wife who was diagnosed with ADHD in the early 90’s. Over the last few years, she has done quite a bit of research on the topic and has shared information and tips on her blog.

This is one of the first blogs that I found when I started doing some research of my own on ADHD and around the time I started working on my blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading Liz’ blog. She clearly has done her research and knows what she’s talking about. She talks about her experience with ADHD, tips on how to help, how ADHD affects our lives, just to name a few things.

Definitely worth checking out!

Glitter Brain

Liz Cordeiro was diagnosed with ADHD in 2020 and began doing some research of her own and sharing her experiences and knowledge soon afterwards. She talks ADHD, her experiences with it, how ADHD affects our day-to-day lives, just to name a few things.

I only discovered her blog in the last month or two. I really enjoy reading her experiences with ADHD and reading what she has learned. She writes about a variety of different topics related to ADHD. Very down to earth.

Definitely looking forward to reading more of her posts!

Black Girl, Lost Keys

Rene Brown was finally able to get the right treatment at 25, after being diagnosed with ADHD three times. She really wanted to help others with the disorder and started this blog to help black women who struggle with ADHD. She shares her struggles, gives information and tips to help those with ADHD.

I enjoy reading about her experiences and hearing about what helps her. I always enjoy hearing about other’s experience and learning from someone else who has had a difference experience and is from a different background. I stumbled upon her blog earlier this year, and have really enjoyed reading her posts.

Final Comments

As you can imagine, there are quite a few more blogs and websites about ADHD. Thankfully, more and more blogs and websites are coming out, sharing information about ADHD, supporting those with it and their families, and such.

I wanted to share a few blogs and websites that I enjoy and go to quite a bit in the last few months. There are a few more and I may share them in another post, but for the moment, I thought of simply starting with a handful for you to explore and to get you started.

Enjoy your reading!

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