Myth: Only boys have ADHD

There are quite a few myths and misconceptions about ADHD. I have discussed some before. Another one is that only boys have ADHD. As you can guess, this totally not the case.

Many girls and women, like myself, are living proof out there that they can have ADHD, just like boys and men can have this disorder.

Yes, boys and men are more likely to get diagnosed with ADHD than girls and women. Boys and men are also more likely to get diagnosed earlier in life. However, girls and women do have as well. ADHD certainly does not discriminate when it comes to who has ADHD.

Although boys and men may be diagnosed more often, one thing to remember is that ADHD looks a little different in girls and women. Boys and men tend to have the hyperactive type, while girls and women tend to have the inattentive type. Girls tend to have less problems with hyperactivity and impulse control than boys do. Girls and women with ADHD may seem more ‘daydreamy’ than boys and men with ADHD. The symptoms of ADHD is more internalized in girls/women.

This may be why boys/men may be diagnosed more and sooner, as it is more noticeable than it is with girls/women.

At the end of the day, ADHD does affect both girls/women as well as boys/men. Not just men/boys. It simply looks different.

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  • I heard that myth too. But I know that girls can get ADHD too.

    • Many have heard of this myth. It affects boys and girls alike.

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