Social Struggles

As humans, we’re social beings. At one point the large majority of humans, I would imagine, feel the need to interact with others. It’s just part of life for as us as humans.

However, in some cases, some people struggle with social interaction for various reasons. Social interaction is something that kids and adults with ADHD do struggle with.

Individuals with ADHD struggle making friends and interacting with peers from an early age. It’s not to difficult to understand why this is the case.

Kids and adults with ADHD struggle with impulse control, picking up social cues, easily get distracted or bored during conversations, going off topic, becoming overwhelmed and withdrawn, being easily distracted by noises, just to give some examples.

For those unaware someone has ADHD, it may be off putting. It can’t be easy for those on the receiving end of these interactions. When someone is often late, or interrupts, for instance, it can difficult to want to have a relationship with them. Especially if the person isn’t aware that ADHD is involved.

Many kids with ADHD struggle with making and keeping friends. Research has shown that this can continue on into adulthood.

Not all kids and adults with ADHD struggle with social interactions. However many do. There are definitely ways to help those struggling with this. Much like anything, the first step is realizing that this is a struggle. Then do your research and find what works for you.

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