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Completing tasks can be a challenge for many people. For kids and adults with ADHD, this can be extra challenging. Because our brain functions a little differently, we struggle with being able to plan, manage the time to do it, and such. Especially when those tasks are fairly big. Or seem big, to those of us with ADHD.

However, there are definitely ways that we can complete tasks, even when we feel overwhelmed or the task seems huge.

Tip #1: breaking things down

Focusing on smaller tasks can definitely help be helpful. It does make it easier to get the task done and not make it seem impossible and overwhelm us.

So, when something needs to be done, focus on smaller tasks that you know you can manage, complete, and help you get closer to the bigger task, if it applies.

Tip #2: take breaks

Being able to take breaks can be helpful as well. Doing a task for too long can take a lot out of us and being able to take breaks every 30 minutes, for instance, can help us be able to recharge and continue to be able to focus on what we’re doing.

It may not always be possible, but if possible, find ways to divide your time up a bit and take breaks whenever possible.

Tip #3: support and accountability partner

Sometimes, having some one to help you can make a world of difference. It could be spouse, friend, siblings, or anyone in your life that can support you when you need.

Final thoughts.

Sometimes it takes time to figure out what works. After all, we’re all different and not everything is going to work for everyone. It’s a trial and error sort of thing.

My advice is take time and see what works for you.

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