Learning Disabilities

The topic of learning disabilities isn’t one that I’ve covered yet and feel that it’s time to discuss it. Like ADHD, learning disabilities affect kids and adults alike and can be challenging for those affected by these.

Learning disabilities are neurological conditions which affects the person’s abilities to comprehend and/or process information. It affects many different individuals. In some cases, some individuals are diagnosed with both ADHD and a learning disability. However not always.

Type of learning disabilities.

There are a few different types of learning abilities. Here are a few.

Dyslexia: this is a specific type of learning disability where the individuals affected struggle with language.

Dyscalculia: individuals with this learning disability struggles with math.

Dysgraphia: this learning disability affects writing abilities.

So, obviously there is more to these learning disabilities than just this. There are several different things involved. But these are just some learning disabilities and a quick definition.

What causes learning disabilities?

There are several things that may influence this, such family history and genetics, psychological trauma, neonatal risks, just to name a few.

Seek help.

Much like ADHD, learning disabilities cannot be cured. However, also like ADHD, there are ways to manage things. There are ressources available, such as therapy, medication, and getting some accommodations. Getting the support the individuals need can make a difference in their lives.

Final thoughts/notes.

I’m keeping this post short, as there is a lot of different aspects that make up learning disabilities. There’s more to them just this. They aren’t simple and involves so many issues that can’t all fit in one post.

The purpose of this post is to be an introduction to learning disabilities and get the discussion going. More posts will definitely be written about these issues.

Stay tuned!

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  • Thank you for sharing. You’re so right, getting diagnosed and taking advantage of any available therapies and resources can make a huge difference. My cousin’s wife has dyslexia and didn’t get any kind of therapy or help as a child, and ended up dropping out of school as a result. When her daughter was diagnosed dyslexic, she fought so hard for her daughter to get the therapy and assistance she needed. They moved to a different state so she could attend better schools.

  • Rachel

    I’ve heard of dyslexia but never heard of the other two. I look forward to learning more about them.

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