In Honour of the Moms with ADHD

Being a mom isn’t always easy and has its own set of challenges. We all struggle with something. I doubt there’s a mom in the world that hasn’t or doesn’t struggled with something.

Being a mom with ADHD has some extra set of challenges, on top of all the ones that being a mom can bring. Not only do we struggle with similar things as neurotypical moms, but because our brains are wired differently, some of these challenges make it a little more challenging that we may like them to be. Some days are easier than others, but some days are just downright HARD. Some days, it can be so easy to just want to give up.

So, since it’s Mother’s day here in Canada and the US this weekend, I want to celebrate all the moms out there. Whether you’re neurotypical or not, whether you’re having a good day or bad, no matter what you’re going through, take a moment to celebrate what you’re doing. Applaud yourself. Celebrate what you’ve achieved today, and this week. Maybe even this month. Doesn’t have to be big. Just think of something you did that you’re happy you accomplished, did, or whatever.

To all the moms out there, you are awesome, strong, special, and amazing. Being a mom isn’t easy, but we’re not alone. We’re all stronger than we may realize.

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