Emotional Dysregulation

Individuals with ADHD tend to feel emotions more intensely than those who don’t have ADHD. It also seems that not only do we feel more deeply, but we also struggle with regulating our emotions.

Many with ADHD, both kids, teens and adults, often have difficulty controlling their anger, frustration, and other emotions. We feel both positive and negative emotions very intensely and sometimes we can’t control our outbursts of emotions.

This emotional (dys)regulation is often overlooked. Perhaps because we focus more on the more common/well-known symptoms of ADHD, like poor memory, hyperactivity, and distractibility.

Several researches are starting to show the connection between ADHD and emotional regulation. It seems to be a common problem for many with ADHD.

Ultimately, it seems as though it’s ‘normal’ for ADHDers to have intense emotions, and struggle with managing and regulating their emotions.

Although this is associated with ADHD and something we struggle with, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything we can do to help ourselves or help others who may be struggle with this.

#1: Counselling.

Getting some counselling and talking to a therapist may be beneficial. It can help to understand what is going on, figure out some of the issues, and find ways that can help to manage the emotions. Many find counselling helpful.

#2: Exercice.

Exercise can help with managing emotions, stress, and such. It’s a good activity for some self-care.

#3: Support from others.

Having family and in friends who support us and who we can talk is helpful for a lot of things. When we’re going through things, whether it’s intense emotions, anger, or anything else in our lives, being able to talk to someone close can help us get through the situation and get some support.

Final Thoughts

Learning about emotional (dys)regulation does explain quite a bit for me. It’s something that I’m realizing I’ve struggled with, like many others with ADHD.

Emotional (dys)regulation and the link it has with ADHD isn’t something that is commonly known. Not many may aware that this is just something else ADHDers struggle with.

Hopefully this may change in the future.

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