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In life, it can be so easy to focus on our mistakes, on the things we do wrong, things we struggle with, and such. When you have ADHD, these are pretty darn obvious. It’s hard to miss and so easy to focus on. Especially when these things are pointed out so much of the time.

However, this post isn’t going to focus on any weaknesses and struggles of having an ADHD brain. People talk about it enough.

Today’s topic is one of our strengths. A strength that many ADHDers have. It is something that I’ve noticed in myself and a strength that I am proud of.

The strength? Perseverance.

Yes, you read that right. Perseverance.

Many ADHDers, both kids and adults, tend to work twice as hard, in order to succeed. We persevere and become determined to succeed and achieve things that we want to get done.

Before my diagnosis, I’d study and work really hard in school, because I really wanted to succeed and do well. Yes, many times my grades didn’t reflect my efforts and it was discouraging, but I was determined to succeed and so I persevered. I didn’t quit.

This is a strength I still have. I do my best to persevere and continue on, even when I make mistakes or fail. I keep trying again.

This is a trait that many of us have. Parents may notice this in their ADHD kids. ADHD adults may even notice in themselves, like I have.

Either way, it’s not all bad. ADHD does have it’s good side.


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