3 years blog anniversary

A few days ago was the third anniversary of this blog. It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since I first started this blog. It’s definitely a milestone. It is something that I am proud of.

Over the last few weeks, as the three year mark was approaching, I’ve been able to reflect on the last few years, having this blog and being a blogger.

So here are some of them.

Reflection #1: Learning about ADHD

The main reason I started this blog was to be able share information about ADHD, and be able to learn more about it. I’ve definitely learned quite a bit about it, through listening to podcasts, reading books, articles, and such.

For me, it has been beneficial to learn about ADHD. Learning about this has given me useful knowledge and tools.

Reflection #2: Learning about blogging

Like many bloggers out there, I really didn’t know anything, or much, about blogging. Yes, I did look a little into different hosts and stuff like that, but that was it, for the most part.

Since then, I have definitely learned some things about blogging. I have done a lot more research about blogging, SEO, and such over the last few months, as I’ve wanted to devote more time, and improve my knowledge and skills as a blogger.

Still have things to learn, but like many, I’m working on it.

Reflection #3: doing something I love

I’ve always loved writing. It’s something that I’ve enjoyed doing since I was a kid. I also enjoy reading and learning.

Prior to starting this blog, I was looking into things that I could do for myself. Blogging seemed like a good and logical way to go. It seemed like to do something that I enjoy.

Reflection #4: Different perspective

When I first started this blog, I wasn’t spending a lot of time on this blog. Not as much as I should have.

However, over the last 6 months to year, I’ve learned more about blogging and such, and really starting to want to put more time and do things a little differently. I’ve been posting a little more, reading blogs more, learning more about ADHD, and such.

My mindset has just changed since I first started. I see things a little differently. Not better or worse. Just differently.

Final thoughts

When I first started this blog, I had no clear idea where this whole thing was going to take me. Unsure what I was doing. Not too sure how long I’d be blogging, although I did hope for a little while at the least.

I am definitely happy and proud that I’ve been able to blog for this long. I look forward to see where things go.

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  • Oh wow congratulations! I know what you mean the time flies. I have been blogging for about 4,5 years now I think, it’s crazy. Siobhan ♡ | Vegan Babe Life

  • Congrats on three years of blogging, that’s an amazing achievement! It’s so lovely reading everything you have learnt too xx

  • Lynne

    Happy 3rd Anniversary

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