Not just for kids

When it comes to mental illnesses, or learning disabilities, and such, there are misconceptions. People have misconceptions. It can be easy to just assume or think certain things.

It isn’t any different when talking about ADHD. There are myths and misconceptions about ADHD.

One misconception/myth about ADHD is that it’s just kids who have it. That’s a disorder that only kids have. It is one of the biggest misconceptions out there.

It is true that many kids out there have ADHD. One in 10 kids in the US have ADHD. That’s definitely a large number. It is the most prevalent psychiatric disorder in children, according to CADDAC (Centre For ADHD Awareness, Canada). Clearly quite present in kids.

However, many of these kids don’t outgrow their ADHD. Many become adults with ADHD. According to CADDAC, 60% continue to have symptoms through adulthood. I am definitely an example of this.

Like many others, I do still struggle with ADHD symptoms. There are many adults there who still struggle.

I can certainly understand why some may believe that ADHD only affect kids and that they outgrow it. It may not be something that some may think about or consider.

When it comes to mental health, mental illness, learning disabilities and such, it isn’t something that is discussed much at school or among ourselves. There isn’t necessarily enough information out there, which can make it somewhat easy to not have the right information. These are things that we need to talk more about and be more aware of, whether it affects us or not.

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  • I definitely think there needs to be more awareness so this is so great you’re writing about it — thank you for sharing!

  • Whenever I read your blog I learn something new.

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