Want to set goals?

Last week, we welcomed the new year. Around this time, many people start setting goals for the year, if they haven’t done it already. It is normal to want to set goals and want to achieve them. No matter what it may be, many of us want to work towards something.

However, if you have ADHD/ADD, setting goals isn’t necessarily always as easy. Due to how our brain is wired, it can be a challenge to set goals, keeping ourselves accountable, being able to plan out the steps, and such.

I am not saying that we are not able to achieve goals, or that we shouldn’t set goals for ourselves, or anything like that. Just because we struggle with something, it doesn’t mean that we should do it, or try to do it.

We just might need a little help with whatever it is we’re struggling with. We may need to do things a little differently, in a way that works best for us. There are things that we can do to help us set goals and achieve them.

Make sure your goals are realistic for you. Yes, it may seem obvious, but it can be something that can be overlooked, not always considered, and such. If they’re not realistic, it makes it a challenge to achieve them. Make sure to not set your standards too high. It is something that I’ve struggled with, but I’m bringing it back. I’m making things more realistic for me and who I am.

Starting small can be another thing to consider, when setting goals. Especially if you have ADHD/ADD. For individuals with ADHD/ADD, it helps when it doesn’t take too much time to achieve a goal or complete a task. Our attention span and ability to focus does make it difficult at times to do large tasks. So starting small can be a good place to start.

Planning out the steps can be a challenge for those with ADHD/ADD. We don’t always know where to start. Finding someone to help us with planning and keeping us accountable can be a good idea. Whether it is a spouse, an ADHD coach, a close friend, accountability never hurts to have.

These are definitely just some ideas to keep in mind, when setting goals. We should let our neurodiversity and challenges/struggles stop us from having and setting goals. We may just need to do it a little differently and get some extra support.

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  • I have some goals for 2021. I want to redo my logo for my brand and I want to publish my book. I’m excited to achieve these goals.

    • Those are amazing goals. I wish you the best of luck with your goals.

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