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It can be easy to see ADHD or any learning disability as just that. As a disability. As something that can make it a challenge to learn, or do things, or read, or whatever else related to it. As something that is bad, or negative, or something that isn’t good.

And yes, to some extent, it does make things challenging. Some days, ADHD can make things more difficult and challenging than others. There are times when it seems and feels like ADHD isn’t the best thing. And I’m sure it may be similar with those with learning disabilities.

However, I don’t see it as merely a disability. Or a negative thing. I see it as a different way of thinking and learning.

Our brains are wired differently. It processes things differently. It can allow us to think outside the box. It may allow us to view things in a different way. We learn differently.

It’s really all in how you look at it. You can either look at it as something negative, something that makes your life challenging. Or you can focus on the positive and focus on just being different.

The same can be said about almost anything in life. It’s all about you think about a situation. It’s about how you look at it. It’s really just mindset.

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