Importance of a Routine

Having a routine can be beneficial for many people. No matter who you are, it can help in a few different ways. Most know that kids need routines, but they can be good for adults as well.

Routines can be especially for those who have ADHD. They are good for both kids and adults with ADHD.

It’ll make different aspects of our life easier. Setting a routine can help us create some better habits. We may be able to get use to working at certain times, helping the kids with homework at the same time, and such. We’re able to become more productive, when we have a routine in place. You know what to expect, as things take place at the same time.

Having a routine may help with easing stress. There may be less drama in the house. You would have a system in place to get things done. So, it should makes things easier. There may be less fighting about getting chores or housework done, for instance.

For those with ADHD, having a routine can make things easier. Doing tasks like cleaning the house is boring and uninteresting and low on the list, for those with ADHD. However, if there is a routine in place, and a habit of doing cleaning at a certain time, this may help get the task done. It becomes a habit.

For myself personally, I have a bit of routine in place. Time to get up, workout, and do a bit of work. It is still a work in progress, but so far, having a bit of a routine has been helpful to get some things done.

Whether you have ADHD or not, whether you’re neurotypical or neurodivergent, having a routine can help with getting things done.

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