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When people think of ADHD, I’m sure many may think of hyperactivity, or impulsivity, or inattention, or maybe a little bit of each. This does make sense as these are some of the key descriptors of ADHD. These are the most obvious ones.

However, there is more to ADHD than just being impulsive, or hyperactive, or inattentive. There is quite a bit more. There is so much more to it that many people don’t see, as most of it happens within the individual who has ADHD. For the most part, to say the least.

ADHD affects how we may handle our emotions, how we handle situations, how we’re able to manage our times, and so on and so forth. And yes, all of these things may not be obvious to an outsider, unless perhaps you’ve lived with an ADHDer for a number of years.

Science has shown an ADHDer’s brain is different from a neurotypical’s brain. Scientists have taken a closer look at the differences between the two, and have gained a better understanding. Now, I could try and explain it a little more, but I don’t feel as though I could do it justice. So I won’t try. Science was never my forte. There are articles out there which do explain it well.

Once you understand a little better at the differences between the two, and what each part of the brain does, and all that, it does make a lot of sense. It does make sense why ADHDers may struggle with emotions differently than their neurotypical counterparts. It makes sense why we may have some impulsive emotional outbursts, for instance.

Again, I’m not saying that ADHD is an excuse. No one should use it as an excuse to be impulsive, or anything like that. It shouldn’t be used as such.

I am here to say that there is more to ADHD than just the obvious, and once you understand ADHD better, then you are in a better position to work on your struggles. You’re in a better position of understanding why you may be acting the way you do. The more you understand about your brain, you’re putting yourself in a better position to make some positive changes.

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  • Lisa

    Thank you for sharing this. I knew a little about ADHD but not much so this was really helpful. And I can share that knowledge now too. Lisa

  • cherbelle

    Thank you for sharing this ! I think it’s so important to understand how much more there is to ADHD & the fact that every person with ADHD has a different experience and it’s not a blanket term for everyone who is “hyperactive” !
    Great post !

  • Nadim Alamuddin

    Thanks for raising the awareness about ADHD. I enjoyed the post, however, I felt like you should have gone deeper to explain what other traits it has. While you may not be scientific enough to go into the subject, an external link could help explain it to your readers.
    Thanks for sharing!

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