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It’s taken me a while to accept who I am. To accept my strengths as well as my flaws. This week, I was thinking of this. I was thinking of myself, of my strengths, my flaws, things that I would like to work on, all of it. And I am finally accepting myself for who I am.

I’m not saying that there aren’t things that I don’t need to work on. I know I am not perfect and there are things that I would like to change and improve. After all, I am only human. I’m not perfect and there are things that I do need to change.

That being said, I am okay with the person that I am now. I have accepted my strengths, my flaws, my ADHD, and all of it. I feel like I am a better person that I was. I have made some progress and that’s always good.

I have accepted my ADHD and I am not seeing it in the same way as I was. I am not seeing as necessarily all bad.

It’s been an interesting journey into acceptance. It’s taken me time. Maybe a bit longer than I might have liked, but we don’t always have control over how long it takes us to accept this sort of thing. Accepting a diagnosis can take time. Granted, some diagnosis are a lot more severe than ADHD and perhaps even harder to accept. However, no matter it may be, it can still be a challenge to accept.

At the end of the day, I feel that it is better to try and come to terms with it. As hard as it may be, as much as we may not like it, it is just for the best to at least try. Do the best that you can to accept and come to terms with it. And I feel that I have come to terms with it.

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