Connecting with your emotions

Sometimes, dealing with your emotions isn’t always easy. When you have ADHD/ADD, it can pose some extra challenges.

Like every human beings, children and adults with ADHD/ADD have so many different emotions. After all, we’re human too. We have feelings just like everyone else.

However, the way we experience them is quite different. Our brain isn’t neurotypical. The way our brain processes emotions is quite different.

For instance, we know we shouldn’t start throwing things when we’re upset. It’s s something that we all know, and we all learn this when we’re little. However, there are times when our brains just reacts and we do it anyway. The part of our brain that controls our reactions and makes us stop and think doesn’t have enough time to hold us back.

Another example is feeling overwhelmed over little things. Things that may seem really insignificant to others. What may seem as a small and easy task for my non-ADHD husband may seem big to me and might overwhelm me.

Our brains are different and process various things differently from neuro-typical individuals. However, there are ways we can try and take some control over our emotions.

One thing that helps me in some situations is taking time to check with my emotions every so often. It helps to be aware of how you’re feeling. So, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I realize it and I can take measures to keep it under control and not get too overwhelmed. I’ll take deep breathes as often as I can. I’ll take some breaks once in a while. This is just one thing that I’ve realized helps me over the last year or so.

There are a lot of techniques that help, whether you have ADHD or not. Being aware of how you’re feeling can be beneficial for a lot of people.

Here are a few articles about emotions and ADHD.

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