Planning can be challenging and isn’t always something that we want to do. Yet, as adults, it is still something that we have to consider and thing about. There are so many things that require planning.

We have to plan the amount of time it’s going to take us to get to work. We may need to plan meals for the week. We need to plan our grocery list. There’s just so many things that we need to plan for.

As much as it’s not something we always want to do, it is something that can be beneficial. Let’s face it, planning your trip to the grocery store and making a list for it can be helpful and can make doing your trip to the grocery store that much easier.

Planning for things when you have ADHD isn’t easy. It’s not something that I enjoy doing. Let’s face it, it can be really boring. And if it’s boring, then people with ADHD, like me, aren’t really likely to do it. We probably know we should plan our weekly meals, but it’s just hard for us to do.

However, that being said, there’s nothing to say you can’t ask for help. Last week, I went grocery shopping. Before I left, my husband suggested that we make a list. Now, I know me. It’s not something that I was likely to do. So, I asked him to do it, which he was nice enough to do. He may have done it reluctantly, but he did it nonetheless and I really appreciate it. Thankfully I remembered the list before I left, and remembered it while I was there.

And guess what?? I found it very useful. I was glad to have the list with me.

I’ve been planning some posts for Instagram, and I have to say that I’m really proud of myself for doing it. It feels good to have done it, as I know that it’s going to help and it’s something that I know I should do.

So as much as planning isn’t not something that is going to be easy, I know that it’s something that I should do and I know it’s going to be beneficial. It’ll help be more productive. Whether you have ADHD or not, planning is helpful. I think we just all need to find a way to plan that works best for us.

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  • I struggle to plan too. In fact, I haven’t used my planner in weeks. I really need to get my act together and plan more.

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