Motivation, or lack thereof

We all have days, when motivation just isn’t there. We all experience this, one way or another. We are only human, after all. However, for those of us with ADHD, it does affect us in different ways.

On the one hand, when there is something that we are interested in, or enjoy doing, individuals with ADHD have no difficulty doing it. In these situations, we have the motivation to do these tasks like anyone else.

However, the opposite is just as true. If a task needs to be done, which is dull or mundane, kids and adults with ADHD have very little interest and motivation in doing them. We will procrastinate doing it.

I know it may seem odd that we may or may not have motivation to do a task or something, depending on the situation. But that’s the way that our ADHD brains work. Our brains need stimuli in order to keep us interested in a task, or activity, which explains why we can stay focused when we are doing something that interests us, something that we enjoy.

That being said, it isn’t impossible for us to complete tasks that isn’t stimulating to us, that we may find dull. It may be challenging, but not impossible. We just need to find ways that may help us get motivated to do the task.

There are different ways that can help us. For instance, we could find a way to reward ourselves in a small after complete a task. Like if I sit down and pay all these bills, I’ll spend 15-30 minutes to read that book that I’m enjoying. Or if I do all the dishes right now, I’ll go for a walk right after.

These are just examples. You don’t have to do these exactly, but these are just ideas of what you could do to get tasks done that aren’t really stimulating and you aren’t motivated to do.

At the end of the days, whether we have ADHD or not, we all need to find ways to motivate us to complete tasks, when we really aren’t. We’re all different, and what might work for me might not be helpful to someone else. So find what works for you.

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  • Great post. I learn a lot from your blog.

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