I am a mom with ADHD

Being a mom is not always easy. For anyone. No matter what your situation is, I am sure that every mom will have challenges of their own.

I may not be able to speak for all moms. As each family and each mother is different. My experiences are different from other moms that are out there. Different from the other moms that I know.

For me, motherhood has had its fair share of challenges. Having ADHD, on top of that, has added its own set of challenges. I am really disorganized. I sometimes have a difficult time finding my kids’ library books. I have a difficult time focusing on tasks. I will forget to take something out of the freezer for dinner. I struggle with keeping things tidy. These are just some things that I struggle with.

Now, I know this may not seem like the best picture. However, this is just somethings that I personally struggle with. And I am sure that there are other parents/individuals who struggle with these things as well.

As much as I do struggle with certain things, such as organization and cleaning, I am aware of my flaws and am trying to address them.

We also have to remember that there are other important things to being a parent, than simply keeping the house clean or taking your child from one activity or another.

Kids do need love. They need attention. As parents, we all do our best to make sure that they are happy. We want to make sure that they are happy. Spending time with them. Enjoying every moment with them as much as possible. Because before we know it, they’ll be all grown up. Time flies by so fast, and kids grow up so fast.

So, as much as we do need to keep our homes tidy, and make sure they’re fed, and such, as parents, we do need to sometimes just take a step back and enjoy our kids and our time with them. Savour each moment as much as we possibly can. Make memories with them.

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