Keeping a Job when You Have ADHD

Sometimes, having a job can be hard. It can be challenging for anyone. Keeping a job can also be challenging. However, ADHD can add some extra challenges, when it comes to employment. Adults with ADHD tend to have a difficult time keeping steady employment.

Holding a job just isn’t easy for us at all.

Most adults with ADHD are more likely to leave their job and to chose to leave. They are more to get fired. They are less likely to have full-time jobs and more likely to simply have part-time jobs.

Some individuals with ADHD can have very successful careers. Not all ADHDers struggle with work and their careers. However, it seems as though many do. Not all ADHDers manage to do well, when it comes their employment and careers.

We have a difficult time focusing on the task that we’re working on, our desk may be a complete mess, we may struggle to manage our time, just to name a few things that will pose challenging.

Our ADHD symptoms can make our work-life challenging. If your ADHD doesn’t make work difficult for you, then that’s fantastic! However, if you have a difficult time at work, well there are ways to help you, when you’re at work.

There are certainly several things that we can do, if we are struggling at work.

Having a job that is a good match for us does make a difference. If the ADHDer is a creative person, perhaps a career in the arts may be a good fit. It does help, when you’re good at what you do and it’s something that interests you. So, perhaps, this is something that we can consider. However, I do understand that it may not always be possible, but if it is, then it does help.

Whether your job is a good fit or not, there are other ways to help, when individuals with ADHD are work. There are still ways for us to learn how to improve our time management, help be more organized, and focus on the task at hand, for instance.

Seeing a therapist or an ADHD coach can help us organize our desk at work, or our closet at home, or whatever else that we may need help with. It can certainly be beneficial in many ways. It can help us with both our work and personal lives.

Here’s something that you can also do: You can also go find books on how to manage your ADHD. There are some good books and resources to help us find ways to manage them. Yes, it is sometimes easier when you have help from someone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try on your own.

As hard as it may be, being a working ADHDer, there are ways to make it easier. It doesn’t have to be hard. There are ways that we can make it work.

Here are a few resources that you can check out.

Levrini, Abigail, PhD, & Frances Prevatt, PhD. “Succeeding with Adult ADHD.” American Psychological Association: Washington, 2012.

Picture Credit: Pixabay

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