Being active when you have ADHD

We all need to take care of ourselves. Our bodies are important. No matter who you are, we do need to take care of ourselves. Being active and doing some physical activities do have their benefits. When you have ADHD, it does have some additional benefits.

Exercising can help people with ADHD with some of their symptoms. It may not eliminate or diminish all symptoms, but it does help improve some aspects of our ADHD, such focus, mood, and motivation. Helping certain aspects of our ADHD is certainly a good start.

When you exercise, the brain releases important chemicals in the brain. It will release endorphins, for example, which is in charge of regulating mood, pleasure and pain. Exercising will also elevate our dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine levels. These will all impact our brains and help us focus or make us more motivated. This is just a bit of how our brain works.

I am no doctor and don’t quite understand all that is involved. However, I can certainly understand that exercising can help some, if not all, parts of the brain, such as with our dopamine levels.

There are different ways that we can exercise. It doesn’t have to necessarily be going to the gym. It could just making time to go for a walk. So long as you’re active in some way, that’s a good start.

It can sometimes be challenging to actually get up and do. Especially, when you are easily distracted. However, setting time for it and committing to regular physical activity will help, or finding the motivation to do it. Setting time to go on walks three or four times a week can be helpful, and doing it on the same days every week. It may not be easy at first, but after a while, it may get easier. You may even look forward to it every week.

Doing some exercising do have its benefits. Even if you’re not trying to get fit, it’s a good way to stay healthy and help with our ADHD symptoms. I find that being active, going for walks, and working out can be very helpful. It does certainly help me.

If you’re interested in reading other articles about ADHD and exercise, here are a few more articles.

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  • Nice! I loved your approach. I think exercise is good for so many ailments.
    Great article.

    • dominiquecm

      Thank you. I do agree with you and think that exercise can benefit for so many different things.

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