ADHD is not an excuse

Many with ADHD/ADD have probably heard this one. Or maybe you’ve heard this one: “We’re all a little ADHD sometimes.” Perhaps you’ve heard something else that is similar.

Truth is, we know it’s not excuse and we’re not trying to use it as such. And also, no, we’re not all a little ADHD sometimes. You may have a forgetful moment once in while, which may be like having ADHD. However, individuals with ADHD, like myself, have ADHD all the time. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. It does not go away. Many have to live with it.

When we talk about our ADHD, we are not trying to use it as an excuse for the most part. We are trying to explain what is going on inside of us. It is an explanation. It may sound like we’re just making excuses, but we’re really not. It’s not what we’re trying to do. It’s not my intent, and I’m sure it’s not something that others with ADHD are trying to do either.

I do know that losing your phone or forgetting an appointment is something that everyone does once in a while. It happens to everyone. However, for ADHDers, it is quite different. I am constantly looking for my keys or phone, and I am constantly getting distracted. This happens to me every day. If you have ADHD, this most likely happens to you every day.

I do understand that ADHD is difficult to understand, and I can understand where some individuals are coming from. I can see how sometimes it might seem that we’re using our ADHD as an excuse. I get it. It can be hard to understand something that you don’t see and have no personal experience with. It can be easy to forget it and not think that it’s there or real.

Trust me, it’s real and it’s not an excuse. It’s an explanation for something that many of us struggle with and must deal with every day.

So, next time, if you’re ever talking to someone, keep in mind what you say. Maybe they do have ADHD. Maybe you know they have. Be considerate. They’re probably having a rough time. Maybe there’s something else going on. There’s so much that can be going on within someone that we don’t see. So this is something that we should all do. Let’s all be considerate of each other. We don’t always know the whole story.

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