Finances Can Be Tricky

So, yes, finances and managing them can be a challenge and tricky for anyone. It’s not always easy to stay on top of them. For someone with ADHD/ADD, who struggles with disorganization, and impulsivity, among other things, finances can definitely be a challenge and can be overwhelming.

Let’s face, we are disorganized, we easily get distracted, and we are impulsive. So it may difficult to sit down and organize our financial papers, or stop ourselves from making yet another impulse purchase. We face our own set of challenges, when it comes to finances.

It’s a challenge for sure. I’ve struggled with money too. There are times, when it’s just hard not to spend a few dollars on something and just get it impulsively. We can’t always help it.

Managing the finances is something that so many with ADHD/ADD do struggle with. So many may not want to really pay too much about it. For so many reasons. It means that we have to pay attention to details and it is really boring, just to name two. So, no wonder we don’t really want to deal or think about it. It is really dull.

However, when you become an adult, managing our money is just part of life. It is something that we just have to learn, one way or another. It’s part of becoming an adult.

I’m not saying that it’s pleasant or something that many of us want to do. I know I don’t want to have to worry about money, or paying the bills, or any of that. But I don’t have much choice. I have to look at my bills and bank statements. I do have to deal with anything and everything that comes with my finances.

So, here are some suggestions that may help, when it comes to managing your money.

First of all, one thing that we should try to keep in mind is to save. When we get a paycheque, we should pay ourselves first. Let’s face, there are things that we may want to do that requires us to save. Like going on a trip. Or having a down payment for a house. It could be putting money aside for something completely different. For unexpected emergencies. Or for retirement. Whether you use it or not, or whatever you use it for, it never hurts to have some savings. You just never know.

Another thing that you can do is to make some automatic payments. Making payments automatic helps us make the payments, even when we forget about the payment. They just come off. One less thing for us to remember and worry about.

A third thing that we should do and keep in mind is figure out short- and long-term goals. Let’s face it, there are things that we want to achieve. Things that we want to do and work for. Many of us have goals. I know I sure do. Write them down. Write down the 3 most important goals. Maybe we want to get rid of some debt. Or maybe it’s going on a trip. Or saving for a house. Having goals and writing them down does give us something to motivate us. Sure, it may be easy to forget, and it can be hard to finish, but ultimately, it is worth the effort.

These are just some suggestions to help us focus a little more on our finances and managing our money. They may not work or help for everyone and there are other methods that you can use to help you. Find what works for you, and go with it. Whatever makes your life a little easier.

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