ADHD does have some positive aspects

Lately, I have been looking more at the challenges that individuals with ADHD/ADD must face. However, there are some positive aspects to having ADHD/ADD. Yes, there are some positive things about it.

The challenge with this is that the positives aren’t always easy to see or to find. However, hidden they may be, they are still there. I’ll admit that I do sometimes having a difficult time seeing the positive. Until about a year ago, I mainly saw and thought of the negative aspects of ADHD/ADD. Now, I do try to remember the positive aspects. It isn’t always easy for me, but I do try.

So, here are some positive aspects of ADHD/ADD.

First one on this list is perseverance. Yes, we can be very perseverant. Whether it’s adults or kids with ADHD/ADD, we tend to work a lot harder in order to achieve our goals. For instance, we may study harder for a test. We just want to keep trying our best until we succeed. We don’t let our ADHD/ADD stop us.

Second one is this: creativity. Yes, we do tend to have quite a bit of creativity. Not that non-ADHD/ADD individuals are creative or anything. However, our creativity and imagination aren’t the same. It’s just endless.

A third positive aspect is multi-tasking. Although it isn’t always the best to do so, for those of us with ADHD/ADD, it can just be easier for us to multi-task. It can help be a bit more productive. It doesn’t maybe work for all of us with ADHD/ADD, all the time, but I can sometimes be productive when I multi-task and do two things at once, let’s say.

A fourth positive trait is compassion. People with ADHD/ADD tend to want to help others, despite struggling in social situations, for instance. I don’t always feel like I’m the best in social situations, but I do enjoy helping others when I can. I’m always happy to help.

These are just a few examples of some positives traits that ADHDers/ADDers have. I have found that there are quite a few more, but we might be here a while, if I were to name them all. This list does give you an idea of some of the positive traits, at least.

So, although ADHD/ADD can be challenging in a lot of ways, there are some good things about having ADHD/ADD too. It’s not all bad, although sometimes the bad seem to outweigh the good.

So, on days when we are struggling with our ADHD/ADD, maybe we should try to remember that there are positives traits. There is a good side to ADHD/ADD. I know I’m going to try and remember this, when I’m struggling with my ADHD/ADD.

So, if you’re interested in reading a little more on the subject, here are a few other articles.

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  • I’ve noticed people with ADHD are incredibly intelligent, and thrive at what they do because of their hyperfocus.

    • Absolutely. Those with ADHD are definitely smart people and hyperfocus does help us a lot.

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