Calm Music and my ADHD

Back in November, I wrote about meditation, its benefits, and ADHD. Now, I am finding myself doing more meditation, doing some breathing exercises, and just listening to calm music. I’ve just gotten into the habit of practicing them and just doing them.

I do turn to meditation and breathing exercises quite a bit, especially when I am feeling stressed or a little anxious. I will stop and take a few breathes, if I’m feeling this way, while I’m out. I will check in now and again. When I go to bed, I put on some calm music and just breathe. I’ll meditate. There are times, during the day, when I just feel like putting on some calm music, just because I feel like listening to it. I will put some calming music and focus on my breathing, when I go to bed.

Whether I’m meditating or not, or doing some breathing exercises or not, I find that it helps. I find that it does help my anxiety, or when I’m feeling stressed. It also helps my ADHD brain from thinking a thousand thoughts all at once, and just slowing down a bit.

Honestly, I do have to say that it has helped. I may have only been doing it for a short period of time, but I can say that it is helping. It does help me calm down and fall asleep, when I’m going to bed. Most nights, the music itself will help me fall asleep and just calm me down. It does help me relieve some stress and anxiety during the day. It may not make it all go away, but it does calm it down, at very least.

The main thing is that it does help me. It does make a difference for me.

For someone with ADHD/ADD, I can see how it can be beneficial. Perhaps not for all, but it has helped me, and hopefully I’m not the only ADHDer/ADDer, who benefits from this. I definitely hope I’m not the only one, who uses meditation and may listen to calming music.

If these are some things that you do, great! I hope that you are finding it beneficial. If you’re not, I would suggest that you try, especially if you have ADHD/ADD, have some anxiety, or you need a handle on the stress life brings. Even if you don’t, you could still benefit from it. I could be wrong, but we never know until we try. Right?

So, try it out! Hopefully, it helps.

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