The Holidays and my ADHD

So, the holidays are coming up. It can be a time that brings up a lot of different emotions for a lot of us. It is a time when we may be anxious, stressed, depressed. Although the opposite is true. It can also be a time, filled with joy and happiness. It can bring a whole lot of different emotions and we can’t always control them.

For ADHDers/ADDers, it can be overwhelming. Planning for all the different family gatherings and other events. Getting gifts. Coordinating various activities. And this is just a few things that need to get done. These are just some things that we may have to do, on top of all the other day-to-day things that we need to do all year round.

Just the normal everyday things can be a little daunting for us. Needless to say that when the holidays arrive, it can add a lot of extra anxiety and stress. Not that it isn’t for others. It can be for anyone. However, I am simply saying that it is an extra anxiety and stress. On top of what we feel on a daily basis.

It is quite challenging. It is not easy. Life is in general isn’t always easy for us, but the holidays can add some extra challenges.

I am not saying that we can’t do it, and I’m not saying that the holidays isn’t difficult for those who don’t have ADHD/ADD. We can do it, and the holidays can add some extra stress to anyone. All I am saying is that we do face a different of challenges.

Honestly, I can’t say that I have this whole holiday thing down. I can’t say that I can get through it easily. Well, I could, but I’d be lying. I wouldn’t be telling the truth. Yes, I have managed to get through them, but not easily. It is a work in progress. I am slowly learning how to manage my ADHD/ADD and how to manage my life.

I think that’s the aspect that has helped me the most, this year. I feel a little more prepared, and perhaps because I know a little more about my ADHD/ADD. At least a little more than I did a year ago. More than I did 5 years ago. So, perhaps that is why I might be a little more prepared this year.

So, as much I have a lot tolearn, and as overwhelming the holidays still might be, I might be a littlemore prepared. I know a little more about how my brain works. I know a littlemore about what to expect. Hopefully, next year, I will have more knowledge tohelp.

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