There are always times when we all doubt ourselves. We question whether we can do or achieve something. I think it is normal for everyone. It happens.

However, it seems that for those of us with ADHD/ADD we may do so perhaps a little more often. At least, I imagine that this may be the case. I know that I do doubt myself quite a bit. Sometimes, a little more than others. Lately it has been one of those times when I have doubted myself a little more than others.

I wonder if I can make things work. I wonder if I can work from home and take care of my kids. Is working from home a good idea? Will I make it? Am I doing the right thing?

And the self doubt just keeps on going. It doesn’t always end here.

For me, as a person with ADHD/ADD, I have heard and read some comments with regards to school, or other things. I have heard of a lot of less than pleasant things. Not horrible or anything, but not pleasant either. And this started when I was young.

Sure, my parents were careful with how they said things, but I have still been affected with things that I have heard and read from others.

Even now, I still will occasionally hear some more negative comments with regards to things that I do. As much as I do try not to let it affect me or take it too personally, there are still times when this is a challenge. There are times when I have a difficult time not letting it get to me.

And now it’s gotten to the point, where I’m kind of doing it to myself. I am doubting myself. Doubting if I can do something. Doubting my abilities.

I guess I have become my harshest critic. At the end of the day, I think that this is what has happened. I am like a lot of others with ADHD/ADD. I have a lot of self-doubt, and my self-esteem can sometimes be low at times.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Sure, things haven’t always been easy. We do face a lot of challenges. The smallest ones can be overwhelming, and this may lead us to doubting ourselves. However, we can all change it. Sometimes, we just need to take a step back and consider things. Consider what is going on in our lives. Consider what is making us doubt ourselves.

So,at the end of the day, we should take care to not always listen to the criticsand self-doubt. I’m not saying we should ignore them, but perhaps simply stepback, consider what is going on, and not dwell to much on the issue.

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